About The Impact Vine

The Impact Vine is an online giving platform that allows donors to support the projects they are passionate about, and local nonprofits to raise funds for socially impactful projects in our community.

The Impact Vine is an initiative founded by The Community Fund of Darien a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation.

For information on how you can help expand your gift’s impact,
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Why Give to Nonprofit Projects via The Impact Vine?

We do your homework for you. We review the financials and nonprofit status of each nonprofit sponsoring a project. Also, we review and monitor each project to ensure the money raised will be used for the proposed purpose.


How to Donate to A Project

The Impact Vine is simple to use!

  • Search for nonprofit projects by category or name
  • Select an impactful project to give to
  • Create an account, if you have not already done so, enter
    payment information, and click submit.

Immediately, we will send you an email receipt acknowledging your
tax-deductible gift. Once the project is funded you will receive an
update on how your gift will help.

Donations made on The Impact Vine are tax-deductible and
go directly to nonprofits, less a 2.9% payment processing fee
and 30 cents per donation. We do not charge any site or service fees,
however, and, as a nonprofit ourselves, we do encourage supporting
The Impact Vine to help provide the critical funding we need to
operate our site, through the voluntary donation you can make
at check out, thank you!

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The Impact Vine would like to thank VMG Creative for their vision, ingenuity, and creative design in developing this site.