Carver Students Crowdfund a Bridge-Building Project!

Here’s something that makes us happy!

Last fall Carver crowdfunded a STEM-based bridge building project on The Impact Vine.  This project funded materials for lower-income middle-school students to participate in an 8-week class to learn about the physics of bridges. The program culminated in students actually building models of truss bridges which went on display for other students to see.

Led by a certified science teacher from Norwalk Public Schools, this Carver STEM education project explored the basic physics of bridges. Students used simple hand tools and materials and performed calculations to determine the amount of each material required for each part of the project. Students also calculated the cost of producing a structure based on the types of materials used.

Anthony and Deshaun standing next to their creations at the Carver Community Center.

See their blog post here.

And take a look at their project on The Impact Vine here!

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