Making an Impact…

There used to be a time when people (well, mainly women) would get together to raise money for a good cause, usually local. Maybe it was through their church or synagogue, or a community association or other group.

It might have been a potluck supper to help a neighbor out, or a bake sale to raise money for a charity or school…maybe it was a tea or a full-fledged ball to fundraise for a library or museum or orphanage.

Then, well…people get busy. Now there are literally thousands of local nonprofits doing all this wonderful work for us and our neighbors.

But…many of us still want to help. We can give money if we see an annual appeal come through the mail but, sometimes…that’s not enough. We want to feel a personal connection with these causes we care about. Maybe we make a donation but would still love to see the look on the faces of recipients once that gift is in action. We might decide to go volunteer, take our families to help out.

That’s where The Impact Vine comes in.

A few years ago a group of local residents decided to develop a free crowdfunding tool to “level the playing field” for nonprofits, even the smallest ones that might need additional help. They raised the money, formed a committee, hired a project director, worked with a web developer who was (pretty much) volunteering his company’s services, reached out to key nonprofits for their thoughts, developed the site, and The Impact Vine was born!

(Well, it wasn’t really that simple really but you get the picture.)

Nonprofits can post their projects (for free) on The Impact Vine, follow tips and guidelines we provide, promote their project, and watch the donations roll in…they can engage with their donors, chat with them, then reach back out to them with updates on their project so they can see their gifts in action. They might decide to find out more about the charity, maybe volunteer.

And, individuals, groups, can post a project (for free) fundraising for a nonprofit they care about, too, showing their appreciation and making it even easier for the charity to continue doing their good work.

Using technology, the internet and social media to do good.

Sort of full circle from the days of the bake sales and teas, right?

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