Test Prep Time is Nearly Upon Us

Remember those good old high school days? (Me neither.)

Honors classes, AP tests, SATs to prepare for…

They were fun, challenging and exciting times to be sure…but many students in our community don’t have access to a lot of the support available to us (or our kids).

That’s where the nonprofit Higher Education Literacy Professionals (H.E.L.P.) comes in.

Every summer, HELP, Inc. enrolls 20 students into their College Edge Program for free. Through the program, students learn about the college admission process, financial aid, as well as prepare for the SAT.

They have a project on The Impact Vine now crowdfunding money to provide test prep materials for 20 low-income college-bound high school students from Norwalk, CT!


Well, students who grow up in low-income households are 80% less likely to become low-income themselves if they graduate from college. Colleges with higher graduation rates require higher SAT scores for admission.

Please take a look at their project, share online or with friends, and help a local student prepare for college! https://theimpactvine.org/project/help-us-provide-sat-test-prep-20-low-income-college-bound-students/

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