Last Laps with a Friend: Pre- and Post- Dental Care for a Senior Dog So They Can Be Adopted Quickly

By Red Leash Rescue


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June 9, 2017

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We are a local Adult & Senior Dog Rescue agency serving Fairfield County. Since March of 2015 we have had 39 adult and senior dogs come through our program. We are not breed specific, dogs coming into our program are between 4 and 16+ years old. With so many rescues helping save young dogs from our southern states, we felt it was important to make our local adult and senior dogs a priority.

It’s heartbreaking to see our shelters filled with dogs that have given their best years to a family only to be discarded when they need love and care the most. The most common ailments of dogs in our program are: malnourishment, vision loss, eye ulcers, cancer, kidney or liver disease and without fail every senior dog has severe dental disease. Our mission is to make sure these dogs get their medical needs (curative or palliative) addressed along with the compassion and love they greatly deserve for however long they have.

A Closer Look at Wyatt

Wyatt, a 12yo toy poodle surrendered by his owner, had a mouthful of rotten teeth.  He is fully house trained, lovable and otherwise a healthy senior dog that would never be adopted with the high cost of the dental surgery he needed. We were able to find funding to assist us with the cost and now 1 week after surgery he is pending adoption.

With the help of The Impact Vine and donors we can fund the initial dental appointment and post surgery medication for the next incoming senior, like our most recent seniors Martha, Wyatt and Moe featured in our video.

We are looking to crowdfund $250 which will cover one pre-dental visit and post-surgery medications for a dog like Wyatt.

Cost to fund pre/post dental care for the next incoming senior dog: $250.00


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