Make a Local Child’s Holiday Special This Season With a Toy Under the Tree!

By Neighbor to Neighbor

Greenwich, CT

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November 6, 2017

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Remember the excitement of the holidays, the anticipation of the toys, books, and games you might receive?

We want to make sure every child has a gift this holiday season, and want to free every parent struggling to make ends meet from the worry of how to afford the holiday.

Through our Second Annual Toy Chest this year, we will offer parents who are clients of Neighbor to Neighbor the chance to “shop” at no cost for a gift for each of their children. This project will raise funds to purchase 50 gifts for children, for example:

  • Science and STEM gifts such as:
    • 10 Crystal growing kits at $17.95/ea = $179.50
    • 4 Solar-powered robot kit at $25.99/ea = $103.96
    • 2 Telescopes at $34.99/ea = 69.98
    • 8 Sets of Speed Puzzle Cubes (Pyraminx, Megaminx, Silver Mirror) at $18.99/ea = $151.92
  • Imagination-inspiring gifs such as
    • 3 Jewelry-making kit at $17.95/ea = $53.85
    • 6 Magic kits at $20.30/ea = $121.80
    • 5 Legos building kits at $29.99/ea = 149.95
  • Sports & Outdoor play such as
    • 5 Assorted balls (soccer, football, volleyball) at $19.99/ea = $249.90
    • 5 Indoor “knee” hockey games at $26.99/ea = $134.95
    • 2 Mini drone kits at $39.99/ea = $79.98

Cost to provide holiday gifts to children: $1,295.79

Thank you for your donation. 100% of the donation you make to The Impact Vine will go directly to the 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization listed on this page, directed toward the project detailed above.  You will receive an emailed tax receipt to support your tax-deductible contribution. Thank you again!

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