New Tires & Brakes for Darien Seniors’ Van!

By At Home In Darien


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April 25, 2017

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We are looking to purchase new tires and brakes for our At Home In Darien’s handicapped accessible van that transports Darien Senior Citizens everywhere they need to go…medical appointments, grocery shopping, pharmacy, hair salon, physical therapy, senior center, bank, lunch…you get the picture!”

Rick, head driver for At Home In Darien and 2016 Darien Chamber of Commerce Employee of the Year for a Non-Profit Organization, considers it an honor to drive Darien Seniors around. While he enjoys his work, he takes the responsibility very seriously. Rick always stays on top of maintenance that is needed on the vehicles. Whether it is new wiper blades, an oil change, brakes, or tires, Rick is attentive and makes sure the vehicles are in tip top shape to ensure a safe and comfortable ride for all.

Darien seniors can take free rides to places that keep them engaged, active, and healthy. But the ride is only as good as the tires and the vehicle that gets the seniors to their destinations. Let’s make sure the seniors can trust their ride.

The Story: 

3,273 seniors live in Darien. Currently 369 seniors – more than 10%! – have taken advantage of At Home In Darien’s transportation services. Research shows that people want to remain living in their own homes as they age. At Home In Darien helps seniors accomplish this by driving them wherever they need to go. Deciding to limit or stop driving altogether is perceived as a huge obstacle to maintaining one’s independence. Moreover, At Home In Darien provides a viable alternative for seniors with hearing, vision or other impairments, keeping the roads safer for everyone.

Dan, a 90-year-old Darien resident, came to a crisis when he decided to give up his driving license. He thought, “Oh no, I will be crippled by giving up driving – I won’t be able to get around!”  And then his common sense prevailed and he thought, “I am too old to be driving and traffic bothers me.” With great trepidation, Dan gave up his keys, and thanks to At Home In Darien, the transition has been an easy one. Dan calls on At Home In Darien to continue doing all the things he enjoys – volunteering at the hospital, exercising at the Y, going to the library – plus getting to his medical appointments.  He used to wonder how he would be able to continue being involved but gratefully realizes, “It has worked out perfectly!”

Hear from some At Home in Darien clients!

Help Rick and the team get new tires and brakes for the At Home In Darien van in order to help ensure safe transportation for seniors as we help them to stay connected to the community and thrive.

  • 4 Goodyear comfort trend tour tires: $503.56
  • Front/Rear rotors and brake pads:  $562.18

Total: $1065.74   

Cost to provide new tires and brakes for an At Home in Darien van: $1,065.74


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