Rules & Guidelines for Nonprofits

The Impact Vine is a community of nonprofit organizations and donors engaging with each other to raise funds to help solve social problems. We have created these Guidelines with the help of several local nonprofits. We welcome your feedback! Thank you.

What The Impact Vine Will Do

  • Provide one impactful, efficient crowdfunding site for all nonprofits
  • Help with selecting & creating a “sticky” project for the site
  • Feature various nonprofits’ projects on our home page
  • Possibly partner with and feature several projects during seasonal promotion time (Mother’s Day, Back-to-School, Thanksgiving, etc.)
  • Will re-tweet and share various projects on an ongoing basis to give you added visibility
  • Provide process and tips to continue to engage your donors via project updates and news about new projects
  • Handle donation finances and issue tax deduction acknowledgments (donations to be made in the name of The Impact Vine)
  • When a project is fully funded, donors will be notified via email and funds will be transferred within 7 business days for the amount of the successfully funded project.

Vetting Process for Nonprofits

In order to ensure that every nonprofit organization’s project on our site conforms to rigorous industry standards, we ask each applicant to fill out an online form with your basic info, in order to request review for your organization to become a The Impact Vine agency and begin submitting projects to our site. Please expect a response to your online application within 5-7 business days.