Want to Know About a Partnership That Works?

Trailblazers Academy is a public school of choice for more than 170 students in grades six, seven, and eight. Many Trailblazers students have not been successful in traditional school environments and need a different learning environment to reach their full potential. A rigorous academic focus, paired with a comprehensive human development model and small classes, allows students to excel academically and build critical social and emotional skills needed for success. Over 80% of Trailblazers Academy students qualify for free or reduced lunch compared to approximately 52% in the Stamford public school system.

Trailblazers Academy was founded in 1999 as Stamford’s first charter school. The middle school spent its first year located within Rippowam Middle School. For the next nine years, Trailblazers Academy was located in a wing of Wright Tech, a State vocational technical school, allowing them to put funds normally used for rent toward program needs.

Today, Trailblazers Academy is located in the old Rogers Magnet School building. For the first time, our students have a proper auditorium, cafeteria, library and gymnasium. Trailblazers Academy is a partnership among Domus Kids, Inc., the Stamford Public Schools, and the City of Stamford.

The Charter of Trailblazers Academy specifies that the procedure for admittance is through a lottery. The lottery is held at the end of May each year at Trailblazers Academy and is attended by prospective parents, community members, and witnesses (including a police officer). The school typically receives double the number of applications as there are slots.

Domus is currently crowdfunding art supplies so they can provide 130 Trailblazer Academy students with art classes this fall.

They realize that the arts are essential to understanding ourselves and our world and provide a means of communication where words fail. Art brings joy, reflection, and connects us across social, economic, and cultural divides. And, as a trauma-responsive organization, Domus knows that kids who have suffered trauma need artistic outlets to express themselves, heal, and grow as young people.

Check out what they’re doing, here: https://theimpactvine.org/project/give-local-middle-school-kids-essential-art-classes/


A program of Domus, Trailblazers Academy is an alternative charter middle school in Stamford. We serve 130 students in 6th through 8th grade who have not been successful in their previous schools and need a smaller, more personal learning environment. More than 90% qualify for free or reduced lunch based on extremely low household incomes. We provide a safe, supportive school community where students can make gains in their academic, social, and life skills—and successively transition to high school on a path toward a happy, productive adulthood.

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